Display Fab action tooltips on open

  • In other android apps I use when a fab is opened the fab actions display their tooltips automatically (at least on mobile devices). This make sense as there is no “hover” on a touch screen and displaying a bunch of icons isn’t going to help the user figure out the choices especially if no icon is appropriate to the task (my case for sure)

    So since fab action has no open event but fab does I tried this. Sadly all the tooltips appear at the fab button (on top of each other) instead of next to each fab action icon/button

    Any suggestion on how to get this to work. I guess I could fiddle with offsets of each tooltip but that seems klunky. @rstoenescu the fab action should probably have it’s own open event which would probably solve this.

    <q-fixed-position corner="bottom-right" :offset="[18, 18]">
      <q-fab-action color="secondary" @click="filterSwitches('favorites')" icon="fa-heart">
        <q-tooltip ref="fabtp" anchor="center left" self="center right" :offset="[0, 0]">Favorites</q-tooltip>
      <q-fab-action color="secondary" @click="filterSwitches('all')" icon="fa-list-ul">
        <q-tooltip ref="fabtp" anchor="center left" self="center right" :offset="[0, 0]">All</q-tooltip>

  • Admin


    Can you open a github ticket requesting this please? This will get implemented.


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