Deploy Quasar into Static hosting site

  • Hi all !

    I want to know what is the best way to deploy quasar into a static web-hosting sites like netlify.

    I uses quasar 0.14


  • Which part of it is unclear to you?
    Because Quasar / JavaScript SPAs are just static files, you do not need a special setup. Maybe you could tweak caching a bit for images and fonts, but other then that the requirements are minimal, just a web server that answers to a request should suffice. 🙂
    If it’s about the actual deployment, there are many different strategies. I wrote a bit about different strategies in this answer:

    I haven’t used netlify myself, but it seems like you just have to create a new project on netlify, enter the link to your git repo and then configure the settings.
    Choose the branch you want to use, as deploy folder you enter dist and as build command npm run build. Basically, that’s it. I have taken these from this blog post by netlify, which describes not exactly Vue.js applications, but it happens that the folder and commands are the same:

  • @a47ae thank you for quick response appreciated. i got it

  • also look at’s now.
    go to the correct build folder, type ‘now’ and get a free static site (or a node server site, depending on what you publish)
    They will even manage your domain and swap project images at the dns level.

  • We are currently working on deploy docs (they include so keep an eye out for them 🙂

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