Drawler back button

  • Hi,

    How do I enable the back button in a drawler type menu?


  • Admin

    I’m not sure what you are referring to? Do you want to have a “back” button on drawer?

  • @rstoenescu

    That’s it! How do you control the switch between the menu access button and the back button? In Ionic, by default, the first level menu routes, the back button does not appear, instead the default button (hamburger / 3 lines or other defined by the developer) is always present. But now, when you access a new route through that first level, the back button appears. This is the default behavior of Ionic 1. Obviously it lets you customize this behavior.

    Does it make me understand?

    With Quasar, will this behavior always be set by the developer? That’s right, right !?

  • Admin

    @xereda Due to the fact the Quasar offers the possibility to build desktop/mobile websites AND Cordova apps AND Electron apps (released today) there are some things that cannot be automated. It must be left to the user to decide and NOT force only one way to do it. Because that one way may not apply fine for all platforms. Further reading on handling back button: http://quasar-framework.org/guide/handling-back-button.html

  • @rstoenescu I understand perfectly. And I believe that is correct. That’s right!

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