Alignment issues

  • Hi,

    I found some allignment issue, but on Gitter got information that there are more.
    This is the list - q-item-main and q-btn inside the q-item side right
    alt text

    It looks really bad. I could try to fix it with some additional classes but I think it should be ok out of the box.

    Another one is with toolbar and buttons on the right:
    alt text

    It is ok on desktop, but there is issue when using e.g. S5 in Chrome devtools.

  • The datetime component looks weird next to buttons (in a toolbar in my example, don’t know if that changes anything really)
    <q-datetime inverted color="secondary" align="center"...
    0_1499809853903_Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 23.44.30.png
    And it looks differently aligned when not inverted (which is not necessarily a good thing), but in my case it allowed this trick, which looks ok.
    <q-datetime align="center" class="bg-white on-left on-right"...
    0_1499809935184_Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 23.46.49.png
    0_1499809832456_Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 23.47.06.png
    I think datetime alignment should be more uniform across states (normal/inverted/dark) and more coherent with buttons.

    Also, you’ll notice on the first screenshot that text left padding is strange (but it works way better in inverted mode)

  • If anyone else is having alignment issues with the new quasar 0.14 components, please post or reference here so @rstoenescu can have a global outlook on alignment issues, and hopefully have an easier time fixing these UI glitches in one pass for the stable release.

  • The picture in this post also shows that padding could be improved.

    @rstoenescu Please note for example the first select component has no internal left padding, and that 10 looks really cramped.

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