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    @xereda By default, Infinite Scroll triggers “loadMore” when less than one screen height is left to scroll till the end of your list. If you want to change that to some other offset, use offset property. Here’s the description from the documentation:

    Offset (pixels) to bottom of Infinite Scroll container from which the component should start loading more content in advance. Default it’s one container height.

    So just specify a Number which represents how many pixels off the bottom of list should the Infinite Scroll trigger "loadMore"
    Example: :offset="500" – notice we’re using Vue dynamic binding to cast property to Number.

  • I did not see anything about the “:offset” property in the documentation.

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    0_1479146233530_Screenshot from 2016-11-14 19:56:18.png

  • 0_1479146309101_Captura de Tela 2016-11-14 às 15.58.05.png


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  • Excuse me, but what is this “scroll” property? Is this an example only?

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    It’s a Vue property that you can use for the Infinite Scroll component. Full example:


  • But there is no reference to the “scroll” property in the documentation, just for the “offset”.

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    Ah, dammit. I’ve been meaning offset all the time. It’s just my exhaustion having a negative effect. Sorry. Replace scroll with offset in all my previous comments.

    EDIT: Replaced with correct offset Vue property in all my previous comments.

  • No problem. I understand perfectly!
    I’ll do some simulations.

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