The 0.14 beta release is available!

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    Edit: Release v0.14 beta. Try it out today:
    Thanks to anyone who contributed!

    Unfortunately, we are going to have to postpone the 0.14 beta release for a couple of days. The code is finished and so are the docs. The Play App, though, is still in work and about 50% done. It will be finished on Monday, if nothing out of the ordinary pops up.

    We are releasing 0.14 officially as a beta, because some last minute bugs were also found and will need fixing. We also know everyone is excited to get their hands on 0.14, so we’re not holding it back.

    We apologize for the delay.
    Thank you for your understanding.

    The Quasar Team

  • Seriously take your time. It’s done when it’s done.

    All that work i have seen by yourself & contributors is amazing.

    All the best… Max

  • I’ve been working on the docs and I can attest to the fact that 0.14 is practically like a new Quasar. There are so many improvements. And to think Quasar was already a great piece of work. This release is going to be awesome. :smile:


  • Really looking forward to it! :)
    Since there will be many changes, it would be glad to have some sort of Upgrade Guide. Also some highlights about how the Webpack configuration is changed would be highly appreciated!

  • Thanks a lot for your hard work on it and good luck

  • @Michele-Angioni - There is so much changed, a migration or upgrade guide would be basically a fairly large book.

    Having said that, once you get the “gist” of how things have changed, you’ll know what to do to upgrade. I’d say, if you look at a few of the components you’ve used in the past and look at the new ones, you’ll be able to relatively quickly tell what needs to be changed and you’ll get the gist of the changes.

    And, if anything is confusing or doesn’t seem right, we’ll be here or on Gitter to help you. :smile:


  • No worries @rstoenescu. A few extra days are not a huge deal given the number of improvements. Do not compromise on quality and keep up the good work.

  • Postponed? How dare you not release it immediately!

    Only joking, of course. Everyone prefers reliable code to early code so I’m glad that you’re not rushing out a not-quite-finished product just to meet an arbitrary release date. My excitement is growing :smiley:

  • Things come when they have to come, sooner or later is a wish, but what matters is what is happening and where we want to be.
    Thanks and push harder almost at the end of this brave battle … :)

  • Thanks for the hard work!

  • I’ve been playing (testing) and doing a little bit of work (fixing a couple small bugs) to help Razvan with the (what I think is) now 99.9% completed Play App.

    And man it’s :sunglasses:


  • So 0.14 is coming today? Excited to get hands on with it.

  • Are the updated docs already online? Just as appetizer ;-)

  • It isn’t my call to make, but I currently can’t see why 0.14 won’t be released today. The reason for the delay was the unfinished Play App, and as I mentioned above, it seems 99.9% finished to me. So, I think the release is on for today. Or worst case, Razvan doesn’t wake up from what must be like a comma to him. He’s been putting in some really wicked hours to get 0.14 ready. He worked until almost 6 a.m. this morning. :open_mouth:

    I am excited for the release too.


  • @cl said in The 0.14 Release is Postponed:

    Are the updated docs already online? Just as appetizer ;-)

    Nope. Not yet.


  • One word: excited!

  • wait wait wait reload F5 wait wait reload

    Thanks. You are great

  • Super! Waiting here …

  • Any second now?

  • The current situation:



    Keep up the good work!

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