Unable to open asset URL: file:///android_asset/cordova.js

  • HI,
    i am trying to run quasar project from my android app.

    i have a quasar project and i build it successfully. after build i copy all the files from dist folder to android assets folder and i set all the webview settings in android file. but when i run the app i got the error

    Unable to open asset URL: file:///android_asset/cordova.js

    can you plz help me.

  • @Sujan-Dev

    You mentioned you copied the files from dist/ to the assets folder? Do you mean cordova/www/ by that? It isn’t too important, because you should run $ quasar wrap cordova to link them together so you don’t have to copy them manually.

    I don’t know why you modified your index.html file to set the location of cordova.js to somewhere else, as it’ll be generated + included automatically when running (while in the cordova/ directory) $ cordova run or $ cordova build

    Docs for Quasar w/ Cordova

  • @JCharante

    thanks for your reply. i found the files in cordova/assets/www folder

  • Admin

    You shouldn’t include or directly import cordova by yourself. Quasar does this automatically and you got a global cordova object available.

  • @rstoenescu thanks. i used the files from cordova/assets/www after cordova build.

  • Admin

    No need to import that. They get injected by default. Part of how Cordova works.

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