Advice for Learning Offline

  • Hi,
    I have experience hacking Javascript and JQuery and JQuery UI. (Using notepad as my ide)
    I need to up my game and have settled on using Quasar and vuejs frameworks to create a responsive web application.

    I have created a python server REST API. I have got this running locally on my laptop using docker.

    I am about to go on a 3 week trip to China and I want to use my down time on this holiday to learn Quasar and vuejs.

    Can anyone tell me what I will need to download to have enough dependencies. I know I will need:

    • vuejs and Quasar libraries and dependencies to run
    • Documentation for vuejs and Quasar (and maybe other stuff)
    • Some good tutorials or articles I can go through.

    I know there are lots of online resources available but I will be offline or have restricted net access.
    Any advice? (Or is trying to learn webapp development offline just a silly idea?)

  • Admin

    Definitely add Vue Router documentation as well.

  • Admin

    For Quasar documentation: clone then npm install in it, then npm i -g hexo-cli and run hexo serve and there you have it.

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