Cordova workflow

  • Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to develop cordova apps? At the moment my workflow is dead slow, as i have to do a webpack build (so that the files will end up in the dist folder) which takes forever and then a cordovar run which again takes forever.

    So for every little change it takes like 2 minutes to test it.There must be something like live reload, right?

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    You can use Quasar Play app if you don’t use Cordova plugins in your app code.

  • if you have plugins you can change your config.xml to something like this

        <!-- <content src="index.html" /> -->
        <content src="" 

  • I found out that the fastest way is the microsoft cordova-simulate plugin in compination with webpack --watch.
    webpack --watch writes files in dist, and the simulate plugin lifts a server simulating most cordova plugins. This way it feels like developing on chrome instead which is fine for like the 90% of any simple mobile app.

    I did have to comment out this line in quasar-common if ( && !Platform.within.iframe) { in order for this to work. @rstoenescu is taking care of it though which means it will make things even simpler since we will be able to declare the platform at build

  • whit this you can just simulate in a browser and you will not see the real performace in the app

    try my solution i build all my cordova app with this and it work well with hot reload

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    Both ways to go are good, each with its strengths. Will enhance Quasar to be able to work with cordova-simulate too.

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