Help required to Integrate Vue Instant


    I need help to integrate this properly into quasar, If i add it to any component , the Component does not render i get the error

    [Vue warn]: Failed to mount component: template or render function not defined.
    (found in component <vue-instant>)

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    Any repo or .zip that I can take a look? Sounds like an error generated by vue-instant


    This is exactly how I am importing and using in my App, but seems like there is an error

  • <template>
    <vue-instant v-model=“selectedContact” @input=“changed” :show-autocomplete=“true” :suggestions=“contactList” placeholder=“Select Contact” type=“custom”></vue-instant>

    import VueInstant from ‘vue-instant/src/components/VueInstant’

    export default {
    data () {
    return {
    selectedContact: {},
    contactList: []
    methods: {
    changed: function () {
    this.contactList = []
    HttpService.get(‘’ + this.selectedContact)
    .then((response) => { (a) {
    components: {

    This is how i tried wiring it up

  • I’ve recently had a somewhat similar problem, trying to integrate vue-json-tree-view in a quasar based play thingy.

    My solution was this bit of code in my main.js:

    import TreeView from 'vue-json-tree-view/src/TreeView'
    import TreeViewItem from 'vue-json-tree-view/src/TreeViewItem.vue'
    let TreeComponent = {
      install (_Vue) {
        _Vue.component('tree-view-item', TreeViewItem)
        _Vue.component('tree-view', TreeView)

    I’m not that familiar with the subtleties of the npm/JS module systems, so I can’t really tell what the problem is (although I suspect is a matter of how that module is bundled), but that is what I did to fix my problem. Perhaps you find this helpful.

  • @afd Tried this too , Guess some problem with the component itself , Need to check … Thank you for taking time :)

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