Style input text color

  • I don’t think there’s a stylus variable available yet for this, is there?

    How can I change it with css? I can’t seem to find the right class to override.


  • Admin

    Hi Martin,

    Please go to and search for textfield. There’s color there too.


  • @rstoenescu
    I can’t find it.


  • Admin

    Border color and focus border color.

  • @rstoenescu

    I don’t understand why I should change border-color when I’m trying to change the color of the text inside the input.
    Anyway, changing $textfield-border-color and $textfield-focus-border-color doesn’t trigger anything either.

    I’m still on v0.7 btw. Maybe I should I upgrade to 0.8 and vuejs 2.x?
    (I guess you’re not committing all fixes/enhancements from 0.8 to 0.7)

    These are my customised variables

    $text-color          = darken(white, 20%)
    $background = #222222
    $toolbar-background = #2d2c2c
    $drawer-background = #3c3c3c
    $modal-background = #3c3c3c
    $modal-body-color = $text-color
    $item-label-color = $text-color
    $item-content-label-color = $text-color
    $modal-body-color = $text-color
    $textfield-border-color= "red"
    $link-color          = lighten($primary, 25%)
    $link-color-active   = $primary

  • Admin

    Yes, please do make time to upgrade to v0.8.

    As for your issue, oh man, did I got this wrong… I really thought you wanted to change that border. So sorry. Anyway, Quasar does not alter the text color of your input, so please go ahead and apply some CSS to it, like: input { color: 'red'; }.


  • @rstoenescu Thanks Razvan. Using css will work fine for now.

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