Easily deploy to heroku

  • I found this blog post that made deploying to heroku really simple. It shows how to push just the dist folder and serve it with express.
    Now it’s as simple as:
    npm run build
    npm run deploy

    Hope you find it as useful as I have:

  • I’m having trouble with the tutorial. Could you outline the steps you’ve taken?

    Running quasar build removes the server.js and package.json files from the dist folder. I can restore those 2 files with a simple git checkout, but is there another option?

  • @chrzrdx
    I’ve been cheating by just copy pasting those two files back in from another folder! I’m aware it can be done with webpack instead but haven’t spent the time to work out how.

    The steps are:

    npm run build
    git commit
    copy paste server.js & package.json back into dist folder
    npm run deploy

    If you come up with a better solution that would be great!

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