Import Packages such as vue-validator

  • Hi,

    I am having a issue importing the vue-validator. Where would I import them?
    Currently I put it in the router.js as
    import VueValidator from 'vue-validator’

  • I imported them directly on main.js to keep an overview off all the imports.

    here is my working example of vue-resource.

    import Vue from 'vue'
    import Quasar from 'quasar'
    import router from './router'
    import VueResource from 'vue-resource'
    Vue.use(Quasar) // Install Quasar Framework

  • Admin

    @Nickk2 Like Gianni correctly indicated, it’s best to import packages in main.js. One comment though. I’d use Vuelidate instead of vue-validator. Much more clean and it will go very smooth with the pending improved form changes that will soon be released for Quasar.

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