Why there are two themes to choose during the building process?

  • I think it should only one default theme and the framework should recognize if a visit is from android or ios and use the correct theme at runtime.

    Why we should decide it during the building process?

    And right now, when i build a web app, how can it show the correct theme to the visitor from a mobile device?

  • I got the same concern. Anyone can answer this question?

  • As what I guess, those two themes support both devices and browsers other than some slight style difference , such as color or font. Also on doc page, it support many browsers without mentioning which theme to use.

  • The themes are only referring to the style guidelines used to create them.
    The “Material theme” sticks to the Material guidelines from Google and the “iOS theme” to Apple Human Interface guidelines.

    You can, however, choose any theme in any browser/device, the compatibility is the same.
    Due how the build process works you cannot switch themes during runtime (also this would ship lots of unneeded resources for your customers), this is why you have to set the theme at build time.

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