Async code in App Plugins

  • hello,

    so I’m in the process of migrating from 14.1 to 15.8 and trying to move some initialization code over to ‘App Plugins’. I’m using vue-apollo and previously I was adapting ‘main.js’ in order to first setup and then pass the ‘ApolloProvider’ object to Vue.
    I’m trying to move this code to a separate plugin now. However, I doubt this actually makes sense, since I’m executing some ajax calls during setup of Apollo and ‘App plugins’ seem not to take this possibility into account. They do not expect a promise, but rather simply execute the exported default function. So my only possibility would be to make this function block and wait for reponses (or timeout). But maybe I just miss something.
    How should we deal with async code in ‘App plugins’?


  • If you really need async calls to initialize your plugin you should look at the boot plugin :

    This is a special plugin that let’s you launch the app when your are ready, after recieving the ajax callback in your case.

  • hi Slade,

    thanks I will try. Async code during initialization, is it that uncommon?


  • I don’t have enough Vue or Quasar experience to say if it is right or wong to do that. I even did it using the boot plugin at first, but it felt dirty. So i changed my code and used the vuex store on the beforeMount event of my app.

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