How to limit number of Notify messages?

  • What is the best way to limit the number of Notify dialogs that are displayed on a screen?

    It would be nice to have:

    • Global control (max # that can be displayed at a single time)
    • Ability to scope/group them, by name/id


    Perhaps for now I could do something like:

    var notifyLimit = 1
    var notifies = {}
    createNotify('negative', 'This is a message', 'action1')
    function createNotify(type, message, scope) {
       if (scope in this.notifies) {
           // Check limit
           if (this.notifies[scope].length === this.notifyLimit ) {
               delete this.notifies[scope][0]
       let notify = Notify.create({ type: type, message })
    function clearAllNotfies() {
        for (scope in this.notifies) {
            for (var i = 0; i < notifies[scope].length; i++) {
        this.notifies = {}

    btw, I haven’t tested the above, just quickly mocked it up. Also, not even sure Notify.dismiss() works that way 😛

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