Quasar in Docker

  • Hey, i want to use quasar in docker but it gives me the following error:

    quasar  | 
    quasar  |  I  App [SPA with MAT theme] at http://localhost:8095/
    quasar  | 
    quasar  |   Error: Error: Exited with code 3
    quasar  |     
    quasar  |     - index.js:84   ChildProcess.cp.once.code
    quasar  |       [www]/[opn]/index.js:84:13
    quasar  |     
    quasar  |     - child_process.js:936   maybeClose
    quasar  |       internal/child_process.js:936:16
    quasar  |     
    quasar  |     - child_process.js:353   Socket.stream.socket.on
    quasar  |       internal/child_process.js:353:11
    quasar  |     

    My dockerfile looks like this:

    FROM node:8.9.0
    RUN apt-get update -qq \
        && apt-get install -y build-essential
    # Expose is for dev server
    EXPOSE 8095
    RUN npm install
    RUN npm rebuild node-sass
    RUN npm install -g quasar-cli
    CMD ["quasar", "dev"]

    I already tried the quasar docker setup but its over 1 year old and not working. So maybe somebody has a working configuration for me or can help me with mine.

  • Ok with help i could fix this problem. Its cause by the “open: true” setting in quasar.conf.js. Setting this to false fix the error.

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