q-search numeric keypad from ios and android

  • How i can apply numeric keypad to q-search input
    <input type=“number” pattern="[0-9]*" inputmode=“numeric”>

  • Admin

    Not supported at the moment. The keyboard mode is set by changing the “type” of the Search component inner input tag. But this comes with problems as “type” cannot be dynamic due to Vue limitations.

    Will manually add two cases: default alphanumeric and numeric. Can you please open up a github issue requesting this pls? Don’t want to forget about it.

  • Admin

    Pushed commit for this. Available in edge version and future v0.13.1. Thanks for suggesting this!

  • Hei! Thanks!
    But if adding 'pattern="[0-9]*" ’ shows only numeric keys, not chars… Maybe its not deal, but using patterns makes field(inc text) more “user-error-prevention-friendly”?

  • Admin

    Hmm, I guess you’re right. Will add that pattern. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Admin

    Pushed patch for this. Available in edge and next Quasar version after v0.13.1

  • Thanks…

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