How to scroll to an element

  • Hello, I have been reading the scroll documentation for almost an hour and I’m still unable to understand it.
    What I want to do is, when someone clicks on one button I want to scroll to certain dom element, which is out of view.
    I tried using refs and the scroll utils, but they don’t work at all, nothing happens. Checking the console I can see that the getScrollPosition function always returns 0, and therefore no navigation happens.
    If you can tell me a nice way to simply scroll to certain element I will be very grateful. Also I really think that documentation should be revised, they seem wrong.

    Thanks in advance

  • Funny, the same question was asked in Discord yesterday and we wanted to upgrade the docs for it.
    Here is the solution we came up with

    import { scroll } from 'quasar'
    const { getScrollTarget, setScrollPosition } = scroll
    export default {
      methods: {
        handleScroll () {
          const ele = document.getElementById('test') // You need to get your element here
          const target = getScrollTarget(ele)
          const offset = ele.offsetTop - ele.scrollHeight
          const duration = 1000
          setScrollPosition(target, offset, duration)

  • Hello @a47ae , thank you for your response.
    The part about getting the element was pretty simple, I was just using references. However, the animation part was more difficult.
    May I ask why are you calculating the offset that way ? In my case the element it’s out of view, and its size is close to the size of the window. Using your code I get an offset of 18, which is barely noticeable. However, if I just use ele.offsetTop directly the element just scrolls into view perfectly, sho hence my question, why are you calculating the offset that way ?

    Another thing I am unable to understand is how the (and why) the target is decided. In my case, I don’t have any element with the scroll class, so window is used. Using window and calculating the offset as I said, works perfectly. On the contrary, if I add the scroll class to the current page, then the scroll does not happen, no matter how you calculate the offset. All this stuff is very confusing.


  • Admin

    @danielo515 You don’t need anything from Quasar for this. Just think in plain JS terms only. The getScrollTarget() is a helper which looks for the closest DOM element with scroll CSS class or else returns the window object.

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