.15.x dependency error building after simple init

  • I assume that I can build right after init and get the shipped simple “hello world” app. But I get the following error.
    per my other post I assume autoprefixer is an dependency or dev dependency managed by the cli? cause of course it’s not in package.json.

    So why this error? and what is the module internal/module.js these is no internal directory in src.

    .postcssrc.js contains

    module.exports = {
      plugins: [
        // to edit target browsers: use "browserslist" field in package.json

    so yea it’s requiring autoprefixer so I need to add that to dev dependencies? or is the cli supposed to handle this. If not then why was it not added to the package.json by init

    Guess I need some clarification about the init/build process being it’s not webpack anymore.

    $ quasar build -d
     app:build [ DEBUG ] Mode [ SPA ] with [ MAT ] theme +0ms
        throw err;
      Error: Cannot find module 'autoprefixer'
      - module.js:11 require
      - .postcssrc.js:6 Object.<anonymous>
      - module.js:11 require
      - get-css-utils.js:14 Object.<anonymous>

  • What options did you choose on init?
    And this should be fixable by simply running npm install --save-dev autoprefixer

  • Yes I understand I can do this but I want to understand why the cli or the init process doesn’t handle this dependency per @rstoenescu answer to my other post mentioned. Pre .15 there was not issue like this. The init added all required dependencies to package.json.

  • Admin

    This should be handled by Quasar CLI. No need to manually install it.
    Sometimes NPM messes things up. If so, delete node_modules and package-lock.json and npm install again.

  • Actually I was choosing yarn.
    I did this three times to new dir each time. Always the same issue.
    Then this morning I did it again…no error. Not sure why but apparently can’t reproduce it.

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