[Resolved] v0.15.4 QFabAction Prevent Closing of QFab When Clicked

  • Good day. Is there any way to prevent closing of QFab when any of the QFabAction is clicked? I’ve tried @click.stop=method(), @click.prevent=method(), and @click.stop.prevent=method() but to no avail.

    I don’t know if this behavior is inline with Material Design specs but it might be helpful for some users to have a property that can toggle the functionality of closing the QFab on click of QFabAction since you don’t need to click the QFab everytime you want to click on a QFabAction. Thanks!

  • Done. What I did was to use the combination of @hide event and show() method of QFab. The code snippet looks like this:

        <q-fab-action color="secondary" icon="search"/>
    methods: {
       preventFabHide () {

    I hope it can help anyone having the same issue. One problem is that the fab won’t be hidden anymore. Thanks!

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