q-data-table shows "Duplicate presence of slot" error

  • I’m trying to create a q-data-table with a column template I got an error :
    Duplicate presence of slot “col-mycol” found in the same render tree - this will likely cause render errors. (found in <QDataTable>)

                <template slot='col-mycol' slot-scope='cell'>
                    can be anything text here - error occurs anyhow

    I have already defined the column in the mainListTableSettings.columns as below.

                            label: 'MyCol',
                            field: 'mycol',
                            width: '200px',
                            style: {'text-align': 'center'}

    The mainListData does include a property ‘mycol’ in each row.

    Any ideas?

  • I’m using Quasar 0.14.7

  • updated vue.js to 2.5.13 and it’s solved. looks like the template engine has been changed in recent vue version.

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