[Solved] v0.15 QTable Custom Cell Not Working

  • I’m trying to convert my code from v0.14.9 QDataTable to v0.15.1 QTable but it seems that custom cell rendering does not work. Here is my sample of my code:

        <q-td slot="body-cell-address" slot-scope="props" :props="props">
            Custom Text: {{props.value}}

    The table works as expected, but if want to display custom data on the addresscolumn by adding a slot with name body-cell + column-name, the Custom Text: is not rendered. Am i doing something wrong with <q-td>...</q-td> component?

  • In quasar.conf.js make sure you have entered QTd

    framework: {
        components: [

    and try change tyour code in

    <q-td slot="body-cell-address" slot-scope="props" :props="props">
        <span>Custom Text: {{props.value}}</span>

  • @Heisenberg, yes I’ve done that before I’ve posted it. Anyway, the problem was fixed by adding name field in my table.columns value like this:

        label: 'Address',
        field: 'address',
        name: 'address', // adding this line fixed it
        type: 'string'

    I’ve read the docs and the definition is kind of vague for me on the topic about custom cell rendering.

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