Vuex use Quasar Loading

  • Hello,

    I have modules in a Vuex store.
    During the mutations I have states changing, with a pending state to show a Loading spinner.
    Where do I listen to the state to change and show or hide the loading?

    In any .vue file? How?
    Or can I do it inside the vuex module?

    This is my idea now inside a .vue file:

    import { Loading } from 'quasar'
    export default {
      name: 'PageLogin',
      data () {
      	return {
      		password: ""
      watch: {
        runLoading: () => {
      methods: {
      	login () {
      		this.$store.dispatch("auth/doLogin", {
      			password: this.password
      		}).then(() => {
      		}).catch((res) => {
      computed: {
        runLoading () {
          return this.$store.state.auth.pending

  • Vuex commits must not be async, that is what actions are for. You can pass this as part of the payload and access the global vue instance from there

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