Reduce bundle size?

  • Is there a way to build and use the framework without bundling so much into a single set of files? I’d rather have a number of smaller files that can be cached, served, and updated separately.

  • Admin

    You can play with /src/build/ and remove the vendor chunk config:

    // split vendor js into its own file
        new webpack.optimize.CommonsChunkPlugin({
          name: 'vendor',
          minChunks: function (module, count) {
            // any required modules inside node_modules are extracted to vendor
            return (
              module.resource &&
              /\.js$/.test(module.resource) &&
                path.join(__dirname, '../node_modules')
        // extract webpack runtime and module manifest to its own file in order to
        // prevent vendor hash from being updated whenever app bundle is updated
        new webpack.optimize.CommonsChunkPlugin({
          name: 'manifest',
          chunks: ['vendor']

  • Thanks! I’ll look into that after upgrading to version 12. (As per another thread at

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