Error in relation to quasar-extras: "Module build failed: Error: No PostCSS Config found"

  • Hello everyone,

    I know that this is probably due to my faulty setup, but since the error I am getting is related to the quasar-extras package, I thought I’d ask if anyone can help out.

    After updating packages (which are all now up to date), my app does not compile with this error message:

    ERROR in ./node_modules/css-loader?sourceMap!./node_modules/postcss-loader/lib?sourceM
    Module build failed: Error: No PostCSS Config found in: /Users/.../Git Repositories/Haller/node_modules/quasar-extras/ionicons
        at /Users/.../Repositories/Haller/node_modules/postcss
        at <anonymous>
     @ ./node_modules/quasar-extras/ionicons/ionicons.css 4:14-121 13:3-17:5 14:22-129

    I am receiving multiple (supposedly similar) errors where no PostCSS config is found (also for the material fonts and some external plugins).

    Does anyone know what to do in this case? I am a JS beginner, the app itself was running fine in dev mode for months.

    This is my npm list output:

    ├── @kazupon/vue-i18n-loader@0.2.1
    ├── autoprefixer@6.3.1
    ├── axios@0.17.1
    ├── babel-core@6.26.0
    ├── babel-eslint@8.2.1
    ├── babel-loader@7.1.2
    ├── babel-plugin-transform-runtime@6.23.0
    ├── babel-preset-es2015@6.24.1
    ├── babel-preset-stage-2@6.24.1
    ├── babel-runtime@6.26.0
    ├── colors@1.1.2
    ├── connect-history-api-fallback@1.5.0
    ├── css-loader@0.28.8
    ├── es6-promise@4.2.2
    ├── eslint@4.15.0
    ├── eslint-config-standard@11.0.0-beta.0
    ├── eslint-friendly-formatter@3.0.0
    ├── eslint-loader@1.9.0
    ├── eslint-plugin-html@4.0.1
    ├── eslint-plugin-import@2.8.0
    ├── eslint-plugin-node@5.2.1
    ├── eslint-plugin-promise@3.6.0
    ├── eslint-plugin-standard@3.0.1
    ├── eventsource-polyfill@0.9.6
    ├── express@4.16.2
    ├── extract-text-webpack-plugin@3.0.2
    ├── file-loader@1.1.6
    ├── friendly-errors-webpack-plugin@1.6.1
    ├── glob@7.1.2
    ├── html-webpack-plugin@2.30.1
    ├── http-proxy-middleware@0.17.4
    ├── json-loader@0.5.7
    ├── opn@5.2.0
    ├── optimize-css-assets-webpack-plugin@3.2.0
    ├── postcss-loader@2.0.10
    ├── progress-bar-webpack-plugin@1.10.0
    ├── purify-css@1.2.5
    ├── quasar-extras@0.0.8
    ├── quasar-framework@0.14.7
    ├── shelljs@0.8.0
    ├── stylus@0.54.5
    ├── stylus-loader@3.0.1
    ├── url-loader@0.6.2
    ├── vue@2.5.13
    ├── vue-awesome-swiper@3.1.0
    ├── vue-i18n@7.4.0
    ├── vue-i18n-loader@1.0.0
    ├── vue-loader@13.7.0
    ├── vue-router@3.0.1
    ├── vue-style-loader@3.0.3
    ├── vue-template-compiler@2.5.13
    ├── webpack@3.10.0
    ├── webpack-dev-middleware@2.0.4
    ├── webpack-hot-middleware@2.21.0
    └── webpack-merge@4.1.1

    If you need any more infos about my setup, please let me know.

    Thank you very much!

  • Solved, actually don’t know what the problem was. I basically reinstalled all packages which solved the problem.

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