Nuxt start kit rc11

  • Problem

    Nuxt start kit has a problem to render the slot components.


    Quasar 0.15 use the injection with default value in the components and according to vue documention:

    In 2.5.0+ injections can be optional with default value:

    And nuxt rc11 use vue 2.4.4.


    1. Inside quasar.ems.js change the components
     Inject : ['layout'] 

    Works nice but …i’ll not change the all components.

    1. Run npm i nuxt@next --save beacause this branch use vue .5.3.0+ but dosen’t work for other reasons.

    Someone can help in this case.

  • Nuxt starter kit is marked as WIP(work in progress) and not ready for use. If you try to use it you will run into issues

  • Any idea when it will be ready to use?

  • As soon as 0.15 is out, Raz will get working on 1.0 which will have this feature. I’d say around March?

  • Ok, i’d really would like to use Quasar with Nuxt. Is there anyway to manually incorporate Quasar into Nuxt just to get i running with some basic stuff until the release?

    I have a project that i will finish soon and i’d hate to have to use Vuetify or anything else over Quasar.

  • V0.15 will be out january. It includes a umd version, so it is as simple as adding the file to your index.html

  • Sounds great, thank you so much.

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