Data-table on iphone doesnt switch to horizontal view

  • Hi,

    I work with quasar:

    "quasar": "0.0.18",
    "quasar-extras": "0.x",
    "quasar-framework": "^0.14.4",

    and I have small issue with data-table from quasar.
    When I work on application with webpack hot reloading it works fine and on iphone and I can see one column under second but when I build app and run on iphone or simulator it shows me tiny columns instead of switching to column under column view.

    What is important: I coppied to my component code from example “quasar play” application to test purposes.

    If I run “quasar play” aplication on my iphone datatables works fine.

    Can anyone help with that. I thought it is some cordova configuration switch or something but I can’t find it.

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