q-drawer-link with dynamic routes

  • Hey,

    I use dynamic routes:
    { path: ‘tasks/:action’, component: load(‘Tasks’) }

    So I can access /task/edit, /task/add, /task/list, …

    First thing was that I had to manualy add a watcher for $route changes so that it could reflect an actual action variable in my templates. So far so good.

    But when a specified route is choosen (clicked) q-drawer-link is not hightlighted as it usually is (for none dynamic routes).

    Any tip ?


  • Admin

    @dunsun Hi, are you specifying full routes for q-drawer-link? so for example “/task/edit”, “/task/add” etc? I think you may either specify “task/edit” or using a computed property for the routes? I need some more details please.

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