Datetime Localization

  • How do i localize a quasar-datetime component?

  • Admin

    Will write up a tutorial on i18n. But I need to change something in Quasar too. You’ll see months and days will be in english whatever you do. This will be fixed. Anyway, until then, in app.js import moment and set its locale before Quasar.start(): moment.locale('de') (for german as example).

  • Unfortunately weekdaysShort was not translated. I’ll be waiting for this fix. By the way, is there any issues using this component in large views? The “set” and “cancel” buttons doesn’t appear. On Quasar Play works great.

    Thanks for your support and sorry my poor english.

  • Admin

    When using popovers, which is on desktop, those buttons are not supposed to show. Because there’s no need for them. User can simply close the popover, and anyway the binded value changes as you make clicks on the datetime component (so no “set” button is required).
    Anyway, will make an important update to this component very soon.

    Thanks for using the forum to post this!

  • Is this update made or coming soon?

  • Admin

    Yes, it’s in v0.8+

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