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  • Hi,

    New to Quasar here – but not that new to Vue :)

    Anyhow, I understand that there is a Google Play app for Quasar Play but not for iOS due to the lack of funding? Out of curiosity, how much is required for that to happen?

    I’ve tried out both WeeX and Quasar and WeeX has the same functionality but for both iOS and Android. Although I’m leaning more to Quasar now as it just seems much easier for me to begin vs WeeX with the configurations.


  • Hey Jeff.

    I believe the main cost is an OSX native device (i.e. MacBook or MacMini), which Razvan would need to build the app and upload it to the app store for approval.

    If you are really interested in Quasar and have the money to spare, you can donate to Patreon for recurring donations or to Paypal for one time donations.


  • Hi Scott

    Thanks and sorry for the slow reply as I only checked and saw this now. Understand the costs involved better now.

  • Also an annual cost of 99 USD. The Apple tax,

  • Although I find the sum a bit high, I don’t consider it a tax. It is mainly a deterrent and necessary to separate the wheat from the chaff.

    That being said, Razvan is definitely wheat! :smile: So, any help in any way is good.


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