Problem with popovers

  • Hello guys,
    I have an error when trying to close popovers.
    my markup is this:

    when clicking on the buttons of the popover i am getting the following error:
    Uncaught TypeError: _vm.$refs.popover.close is not a function at [as fn] (eval at 243 (1.e2343b3….hot-update.js:6), <anonymous>:54:29) at HTMLButtonElement.eval (eval at <anonymous> (app.js:794), <anonymous>:2222:16)

  • ok problem solved thanks Razvan !

  • Admin

    @Sponz Hi, for others seeing this, I gave a solution on Gitter channel. Turns out that those buttons were used inside of a v-for. As a result, using same reference name “popover” made $refs.popover be an Array rather than an actual Popover. So the solution would be to v-for using an index and use @close="$refs.popover[index].close()".

  • I’m searching to do something similar with datatable, harder because, only one popover appear.

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