Problem with tabs and slot="navigation"

  • Hi,

    I’m trying to create tabs dynamically (this is ok) but I’m getting a problem when I try scoll my page.

    My problem are:
    1 -> If in the q-tabs I put the slot=navigation, I can’t scroll my page;
    2 -> If not put slot=navigation, I can scroll and everything works ok when I scroll down. Bt to see tabs again, I need to scroll to top of the page…

    Anyone had the some problem?

    The problem is when I use q-tab and q-tab-pane because with q-route-tab seems work everything ok.

    I’m using quasar v0.14.7

    I follow the quasar documentation and code this small example:

      <q-layout ref="layout" reveal>
        <q-toolbar slot="header">
          <q-toolbar-title> test </q-toolbar-title>
        <q-tabs slot="navigation">
          <q-tab  name="test" slot="title" label="test" />
          <q-tab-pane name="test">
            <div class="row" v-for="i in 10000">

  • Ok basically the problem is with q-tab-pane. Now I only use q-tab, and with select handler I change the visibility of divs…and the scroll seems to work ok.

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