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  • I’m trying out Quasar for a project which is currently a traditional MVC app (and a Quasar backer!). I know users heavily make use of “Open in new tab” and “Copy link location” type functionality for emails and chat and such. I know router-link works but for first-class support of links it seems either a separate component is needed like QLink, or QBtn needs support for something like tag="a" property or link boolean plus some CSS updates.

    Do you think this is something that could be officially supported? I don’t know the best way to implement this to be compatible with the overall goals of the framework (Cordova and such) but for a basic web-app it seems that good ole links are still going to be necessary. Using router-link doesn’t fit in smoothly by itself. For example if I put a router-link in a toolbar I have to set the class text-white or else it doesn’t have the correct background color whereas with q-btn this stuff isn’t necessary. In general all of the features of q-btn would be great to be able to use with links.


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    Will research and see where it goes. Added to my todo list. Thanks!

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