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  • RE: Documentation Review

    you have to fork the repository, then do you commit and then make a pull request across repositories. from yours to quasar’s

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  • RE: Dialog does not open with ActionSheet

    Hi, I fail to see how this is even related to Quasar. So you call “click()” on the input and it doesn’t works… It’s not Quasar’s fault… What I recommend is that you check the web standards on input type=file and see what you are doing wrong. Please correct me if I missed something.

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  • RE: Documentation Review

    just do a pull request on dev branch here:

    really appreciate any help to make things clearer…


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  • RE: qPageSticky to fix header/footer?

    @danielsalles Hi, you’re missing out on a lot that QLayout can do for you. Check out the demo and play with the “view” prop 😉

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  • RE: Restore from git

    Did you run “npm install” inside of /src-cordova which is a Cordova project folder on itself?

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  • RE: Change q-layout-drawer animation properties

    Dragging with mobile touch was exactly what got enhanced. Tested on a low end device. It’s butter smooth now…

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  • Quasar v0.15.9/10 & CLI v0.15.13/14 are out!

    Quasar v0.15.9/10


    • [Request] Date picker minimal prop #1818
    • Enhance QModal enter-active-class/leave-active-class props to have higher priority over transition
    • Q-Chips-Input: Add Duplicate Entry Event or warning #1805
    • QWindowResizeObservable: use ResizeObserver native API if available, improve delay
    • perf/design(QCollapsible): remove default ripple and highlight
    • QUploader: Allow to programmatically upload files #1791
    • New Quasar language packs: Bulgarian, Arabic, Vietnamese


    • iOS touch/hover (aka double tap) issue on Modals & derivates (Dialog, etc)
    • Opening Model / Drawer causes layout change #1771
      This will display the scrollbar of the page even with Modal/Dialog/Drawer opened, but user will not be able to scroll page by using mouse scroll.
    • QScrollArea: setScrollPosition not working on mobile platforms #1830
    • QLayoutDrawer: close the other mobileOpened side even if it is not mobile (#1821)
    • QLayoutDrawer: overflow:hidden lingers after closing a drawer by dragging #1809
    • date utils: isSameDate() returns erroneous results in certain scenarios #1804
    • QTabs: default white background should go to tabs head instead – when using inverted
    • this.$q.notify (Quasar Notify Plugin) not available in main App Vue instance #1797
    • [windows] Firefox and Quasar 0.15.8 Drawer “close event” response Problem … #1836

    Quasar CLI v0.15.13/14

    • Update to Quasar v0.15.10
    • fix: Filepaths relative to project root in service-worker.js on windows #100
    • feat: quasar.conf > electron.beforePackaging function
    • feat: Add “plugins” webpack alias


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  • RE: QUploader

    just a simple 200 status code is enough

    yeah just specifiy the endpoint url either absolute or relative

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  • RE: Custom webview for iOS devices

    Two tap problem fixed in 0.15.9 - to be released in a few days.

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  • RE: Dynamic left drawer to pages.

    Put QLayoutDrawer inside of every QPage – this way you have a specific drawer for each page.

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